An Injectable Aesthetic Spa

We are Beauty Candy Aesthetics. We are on a mission to enhance and restore one’s natural beauty through non-surgical treatments that quite literally change the way you feel. Who says you can’t be beautiful AND sweet?

Kenna Gilstrap, RN, BSN, is a highly-trained aesthetic nurse by profession. What’s her sweet spot? She’s a perfectionist with an eye for detail and is obsessed with meticulously and artistically enhancing one’s natural beauty. She is especially good at understanding your concerns while providing the right recipe to achieve the most natural looking results.

She’s also the kind of person you can trust. Give her a problem area and she’ll solve it- strategically, correctly and within your budget. Staying abreast of new technology, training and research, she ensures patients receive the best possible care in their quest for confidence and beauty. She believes in creating a refreshed appearance that is believable and natural looking. No overcooking here! You’ll find her straight-forward, infectiously happy, relatable and honest.

Beauty never tasted so sweet!

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